Statistically robust guardrails for continuous LLM testing and reliable AI-assisted knowledge discovery

Document classification + Semantic search + Uncertainty Analysis

Directly on your Mac. No coding required.

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Reexpress LLMs as robust and reliable models.

Your reliable co-pilot for data analysis.

Data analysis reimagined.

A transformative new approach that unlocks new capabilities while simplifying your overall data analysis pipeline.

Whether you're a machine learning pro or new to data science, get started in minutes, and make inscrutable neural networks a thing of the past.

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Less prompting.

More discovering.

Large language models (LLMs) exhibit strong effectiveness on academic benchmarks, but they lack reliability, interpretability, and robustness to distribution shifts. These limitations greatly diminish the prospects of real productivity gains in professional and enterprise settings.

Reexpress one fundamentally alters this calculus by providing robust, non-parametric uncertainty estimates; interpretability by example/exemplar; and advanced semantic search capabilities. Use the built-in, on-device models, or add these capabilities to one or more external generative AI models, such as Mixtral or GPT-4.

Reexpress one has an efficient, paradigm-shifting data constraint and partitioning system that is fun and easy to use via a no-code, visual interface, unlocking the advanced data analysis capabilities for experts and non-experts alike.

Have a task that requires free-form text generation? No problem. Reexpress one can be used as a powerful re-ask verifier and error detector.

In these ways, Reexpress one is the first software to provide the model observability and statistically robust guardrail constraints needed to unlock LLMs for professional and enterprise settings.

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Innovation overload.

Made possible by breakthroughs in on-device learning and compression, model interpretability, dynamic cross-encoded reranking, interactive auto visualizations, uncertainty quantification, continual learning, and more.

And yet more.

Our software works with essentially any large language model. Easily reexpress your existing enterprise LLMs, adding the power of Reexpress one to your existing workflow. Ensemble and boost your existing models by effortlessly composing the output of multiple models together.

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Discovery awaits.

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